Onpu no Tegami
Escuchando: REGRET - The GazettE/Boku wa Shitteru - Miyavi.
Mood: Random.

Musical note letter

He is not good with the piano,
But will you still hear him play(please)?
Exactly that he is amateur, his song would still arrive you?
Always, always he had something that he wanted to speak to you…
But he's not good with words, and this saddens him, then he puts it into notes…
And if his throat is to break, if he's to be sick.
He will continue crying out for you, for you, for all his life.
This is what he decided now.
Yes, he decided…
(That's why we all love him...He's just cute >w<)

Posted by: Yuuffie at 3:42 p. m.

Escuchando: Daggers speak louder than words - Alesana
Mood: Tired

You know, when it's just ONE of THOSE days...
That you know, it's gonna suck.
Today it was one of those days.
And yesterday... It was too.... and the day before yesterday... and SO on...

I'm getting tired, weary and lost.
I'm getting sleepy and I want to go.

To that land of dreams, that land so far away.
I wish, I wish... But... Oh, if only wishing was enough.

I'd be long gone, gone far away...
I wish, I hope... But, if only hoping was enough....

Posted by: Yuuffie at 9:04 p. m.